Feeling Behind

Here's something about myself: I tend to be an overachiever. Regardless of the situation, I will usually try to go above and beyond what is required. If extra credit is offered, you'd better believe I'm doing it. If I am put in a group project, I am likely to take the lead, or at least… Continue reading Feeling Behind


doing what is good (for health!)

I have bipolar disorder. This is a fact. I even had an entire blog dedicated to it once upon a time. Lately, I have been hospitalized and poked and prodded because of it. It's rough having to accept it, and having to accept the fact that I need major help when it comes to this.… Continue reading doing what is good (for health!)

memory lane doesn’t mess me up like it used to

It's been a very long journey of letting go. I'm still on this journey, and I know I will be for a long time. I tend to have trouble pushing people out of my head, as well as what they say. I have been bullied, romantically dumped, slandered against publicly online, and left to be… Continue reading memory lane doesn’t mess me up like it used to